Alex Fuentes is part of a very unusual tribe. It is made up of kids who share the same sperm donor father and once a year, right after Christmas, they all get together with their families in a different American city. Over the years she and her mother have grown especially close to Tim Jennings (kid of same donor) and his family, as they too live in Houston. The running joke among the families is how completely unimportant their biological father is. In fact, they have nicknamed him Mr. Doe. Unimportant, that is, until two horrible things happen. 1) Alex's mother dies in a car accident, leaving her in the care of The Jennings and 2) Tim develops a rapidly-developing blood cancer. None of his ten siblings are matches. Alex is really close and doctors have deduced she's such a close match, that their biological father would likely be a perfect match. Now, finding Mr. Doe has become very important. The problem is -- they have no clue where to find him, and they're running out of time. Can Alex connect the dots and save her brother?

Gavin Stegmiller found his interest for YA literature while working as a middle school English and creative writing teacher. A graduate of Albertus Magnus College (AMC) in New Haven, Connecticut, he was an aspiring playwright, and both wrote and directed two plays while at AMC. Gavin also worked as a freelance writer for the magazine, Business New Haven. In addition to teaching middle school, he is a high school girls and boys golf coach. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he now resides with his wife, Teri and son, Liam in Colorado Springs, Colorado.