Halloween is Kat McGee's day.

She may feel like a loser the rest of the year, but come the season of trick-or-treating, costume contests, hay mazes, and haunted houses, Kat reigns supreme. No one in Totsville, Maine can bob a better apple or carve a more perfect pumpkin.

But now the mysterious Dr. S is threatening to take Kat's day away. Dr. S hates Halloween as much as Kat loves it. Kat's in a panic over the holiday ban in Totsville when grandmotherly magic transports her to the wondrous city of Treatsville, where Halloween costumes live all year long-- and where the key to saving Halloween in Totsville just might lie.

But Treatsville is being menaced, too. Costumes are disappearing, and the Halloween magic is going with them. It's up to Kat to help. Aided by the sugary-sweet spells of good witch Dolce, her sidekick owl DeLeche, and Kat's best costumes ever--Jujitsu Princess and Candy Cane Witch-- Kat must face down haunted forests, cruel tests, and the blackest magic the evil Snaggletooth can throw at her. She'll learn lessons about sharing the Halloween glory-- and learning to feel like a winner on every day, not just Halloween.

"Even those who are not history buffs can enjoy the mystery and excitement."

"Here's to hoping Halloween Costume Caper becomes a movie."

"I didn't want this Halloween adventure to end."

"Kat is a great character for young girls to look to; she faces problems like bullying and feeling insignificant, but she's strong, courageous, and a leader."

"A wild cross between Magic Tree House and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Kat McGee is madcap creepy fun!"
-- Aaron Reynolds, author of Creepy Carrots

5 Books to Read This Halloween!

"It really is a terrific bedtime story. This would easily get kids in the mood for Halloween, work through any fears they might harbor, and inspire kids to make their own costumes instead of wearing store-bought."

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