In this black comedy, Madison Reynolds and Mac Greenberg -- "Mad Mac" -- are seeing way too much of each other. Ever since her mom and his dad hooked up, it's been all parental make-out sessions, all the time. Desperate for attention and thrills, and united by their love of Homeland and The Americans, Mad Mac enter the weird world of online terror cell recruiting. Most of it's terrifying, but one group looks intriguing: PLOP, or People Liberating People From Other People, a defense squad based in Fiji. Tropical paradise, a noble cause, and no school? Sign them up. But PLOP is anything but a joke, as the two bumbling FBI agents on Mad Mac's tail are all too eager to remind them. Too fast, the teens realize that the quest for cool can be deadly, and that the only people who can stop PLOP from becoming truly terrible are its most loyal members: them.

Saira Rao is a co-founder of In This Together Media. She is the author of Chambermaid (Grove Press) and various other musings that have appeared in The New York Post, The Richmond Times Dispatch and The University of Missouri-Kansas City Law Review. Previously, Saira was a television news producer in Washington D.C., and Miami; a policy associate at the Center for Educational Innovation at The Manhattan Institute; and a lawyer at Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP in New York City. Saira is a graduate of the University of Virginia and New York University School of Law. She has two children and an enviable tchotchke collection.