Coco Chanel. Sarah Bernhardt. Veronica Franco. Among the most powerful and sought after women in history, they shared one thing: each was a courtesan. In this sensual and empowering New Adult series, college-age women from the twenty-first century learn that they are the reincarnations of famous courtesans. Through visionary encounters with a mysterious fortuneteller, Madame Ovary, the lives of their historical counterparts teach them sexual confidence--and hot scenes ensue as they test their powers out on modern men, and reinvent their love lives with confidence and creativity. But they also learn that the courses of their lives are theirs for the taking--and the making--in whatever way they can imagine. Set in glamorous historical and contemporary locations that range from wartime Paris and 1600s Venice to modern Los Angeles and San Francisco, THE ORIGINAL HIPSTERS is a testament to female desire so powerful it transcends time.

J. Elisabeth Birk has been telling stories since she could talk and writing them since she was introduced to the alphabet. She's the author of the romantic comedy DEPENDING ON YOU, a novella, as well as a whole host of other stories that live hidden in her head or on the hard drive of her computer. She hails from Colorado, where you can usually find her skiing, training for a 5k she won't actually run, or trying a new restaurant with her foodie husband.