The Kat McGee Adventure Series is about one very special girl who, with the help of her twinkle-eyed grandmother, finds herself saving Christmas, defending Halloween, and learning to love the things that make her different. It's perfect for every kid who's struggled to fit in - and for every person who wants to remember the magic of believing in yourself, the power of holiday cheer, and the pure fun of an epic adventure.

-- Sarah Ellison, Vanity Fair Contributing Editor

Getting into college has never been harder. Can't rely on a perfect SAT score or a 5 on your AP Mandarin exam. Field hockey and basketball? Please. The real sport is Volunteering. Change the world--and tell Harvard all about it.

In Jason Odell Williams' hilarious first novel, Personal Statement, it's open season on admissions--and a Category-3 hurricane is headed for Connecticut. To the kids in Cawdor, it's not a natural disaster. It's an opportunity. Let the games begin!